What must you do in Istanbul?

- Beyoglu in to walking
- Besiktas-Kadiköy to cross the ferry
- Got to ride on the floor of the lower part of the ferry
- Eat hamburgers from Kızılkaya
- Bambi bişiy have to eat on the bişiy on
- Galata fish food
- To the armory would hookah
- Sarıyer fish food
- With friends in the division, AFM or burger king to meet on the
- Brewery beer to letting
- Against throat to be drunk (throat Goran Everywhere is accordingly)
- Wander aimlessly on the independence of
- Ride a tram
- Robinson Crusoe beautiful place and indicate what the man meant to them here
- 3buyuk go from one to the Mac (if possible derby)
- Emirgan career, to the breakfast in İstinye against throat
- Go to a concert at Babylon
- To rent a boat in the baby
- Go to the film festival in Istanbul
- Go to Istanbul Independent Film Festival
- Go to the jazz festival in Istanbul
- Kadikoy electronic, Eminonu from CDs get DVDs
- Go to the islands, carriage ride bikes, eat
- Besiktas at tea on the seaside

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