St İrene Church Museum

Hagia Eirene, the First Church of Byzantium ...
Constantine, the city re-establishing a forum on its behalf, as well as the palace and hippodrome, 330` in the Hagia Eirene Kilisesi`N built on the Roman temple. Hagia Irene or Hagia Eirene`N the meaning in the dictionary `Holy Barış`; but at the same time, a saint who lived in the same century. The real name of the saint is Penelope`. It is trying to spread Christianity. Thrown into a pit full of snakes by pagans; die. Stones, dragged connect to the horses; still die. Miracles happen at the end of the pagan Christian; Irene also a saint. Emperor Constantine, built on this extraordinary event gives the monotheistic religions name the first shrine of St. Irene.

Hagia Eirene, Bizans`T the only surviving church atrium. Atrium, a colonnade surrounding area in the middle of the old Roman temple courtyard. Hagia Eirene, which replaces the temple's properties brought up to date. However, Hagia Eirene today is not the same Hagia Eirene. Because wood first Hagia Eirene, burnt 532`. Emperor Justinian, polytheistic faith of the people is absolutely banned by the rebels, Zeus shelter and Hagia Sophia, as well as burned Kilisesi`N of Hagia Eirene ... Justinian, Hagia Sophia was built back in İrini`Y. However, once again it burned 564`t Hagia Eirene. Repaired ... After two fires, earthquakes have shaken this time. So the church was repaired three times.

The Ottoman sultan II. Jack, starts to enter a new era in Istanbul. Topkapi construction started Sarayı`N the outer walls, and Hagia Sophia passes through the İrini`N. Hagia Eirene after a while it becomes ammunition carried inside the maintenance and repair of weapons.
Hagia Eirene is The Ottoman Empire's first museum. 19. antique weapons in the warehouse when the museum first opened in the Aya İrini` yy.`. Month biplane stairs İrini`N providing output to the gallery as he made. Ottomans, Hagia İrini`Y the main gate inscription dated 1726 and adds the ladder.

Month İrini`Y waving it at the old icons to Bizans`T earthquakes, have been left unadorned walls in repair of religion is prohibited. Today, The Ottoman Empire had left a flag hanging on the apse a few steps off the podium outside the drawing motif symbolizing the crucifixion as Calvary İsa`N Tepesi`N under the cross and the cross symbolizing the İsa`Y in the half-dome.

After the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 has not been a significant change in the structure to be turned over to the church mosque. It has long been used as a booty and weapons depot. Armory groom Ahmed Fethi Pasha, the sensor works constitute the first nucleus of the museum in 1846, Turkey has been exhibited here. In 1869 Hagia Eirene, museum-i Humayun (Empire Museum) has been named. Over time, due to the inadequacy of the exhibition space where the works were moved to Köşk` it is tiled in 1875. Since 1908. St. Irene was used as a Military Museum. Later, it was transformed into a unit of the Directorate for some time vacant building was repaired and the Hagia Sophia Museum.

Days and Hours of visit is closed to visit. With the permission of the Directorate visited the Hagia Sophia Museum.

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