Needed To Travel To Istanbul Absolute 25 Location

Needed to Travel to Istanbul Absolute 25 Location
Istanbul Magnificient View

Istanbul walls, mosques, palaces, it is almost a living history of the museum. To be witness to this date, no need to go very far to feel the nostalgia. Because section of Istanbul carries historical events in every corner ...

Topkapi Palace
Fascinated by the grandeur of the architecture and the Topkapi Palace is located at the beginning of the historical places in Istanbul that should not be passed without being seen. The palace built by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1478, where the sultans for 400 years and assumed the main centers of the state administration tasks that they were witnessing history. Abdulmecit opened during a visit to the Topkapi Palace is also host visitors today, mystery and is the focus of attention of tourists with traces of Ottoman architecture carries

Cold Fountain Street
It located in the Sultanahmet district, located between the old Turkish movies memorable venues Cold Fountain Street. Nostalgic form, are the main attractions of the historic structure visible. Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace is located between the streets, take pictures of the property is closed to traffic and attract the attention of tourists who want to leave a nice souvenir from Istanbul

Jaffar Agha Madrasah
This historic venue is situated next to the Hagia Sophia Museum, those who want to give the tea break, a place that should definitely not be an alternative for those seeking a peaceful breakfast on Sundays. Moment madrasa built in the 16th century Sultan Suleyman period in art history, combining a feature. Madrasa in line for a nominal fee, marbling, jewelry, picture may attend the workshop, you can enjoy the historic venue.

Hagia Sophia
One of the immensity and the surprise of many domestic and foreign tourists with the glory and the required separation is surely time to see the sights at the Museum of Hagia Sophia. 1 was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian then the Conqueror to feel that historic Hagia Sophia into a mosque by Mehmet welcomes many tourists who want to witness.

The Basilica Cistern
With rising column of the waters, which is rumored to live Basilica Cistern interesting legend is the most curious among plum places to see. Basilica Cistern, which is used by the Byzantine Emperor's palace to meet the water requirements, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet period, continued in the same way for a while. Tears of shapes resemble the pillars on, while the big Basilika lost while important in terms of representing the tragedy of a slave between legends and traditions. So the focus of a lot of tourists in the structure of being, will attract the curiosity.

Haseki Hürrem Bath
Suleiman's wife was asked by Roxelana and baths built by Mimar Sinan. It carries the distinction of being the largest baths that Sinan did. Thanks to the popularity of the series has taken place in recent years in increasing and wonder-inspiring historical sites.

Sultan Ahmed Binbirdirek Cistern
Cistern, from Constantine the Great to the present era, most curious tourist's because they are living in historic places. Ihtyac made to meet the city's water, is currently located in the sightseeing list necessarily a mysterious spot. For cistern located in Sultanahmet, you need to spend time on a weekend.

Gulhane Park
Gulhane Park, was used as one of the Ottoman era Topkapi Palace has a garden. Period, with roses, tulips with a lot of flowers in the garden decked undergone maintenance standstill, but once again made today care, has become one of Turkey's largest park. In-house flowers weekend or week, clean air and be alone with nature, you do not also want to get away from the city too, drink tea and parking can be a nice alternative for your visit.

Büyükada, Heybeliada, as we know in Büyükada island team was known as the Princes' Islands in the past. The reason for the Byzantine Empire crowned during a courtier exiled because it is far from Istanbul to the island, and was forced to live here. Today, the nostalgic air, the coach is still used due to a lack of traffic and weekend getaways has become the first address. The islands, picnic, ride a bike, wanting to taste nostalgia has become a favorite of local and foreign tourists.

Dolmabahce Palace
Dolmabahçe Palace, used as a space empire anchored ships of the Ottoman Captain of the Sea is the later was converted into a unique garden. The period of the Republic is a place where Atatürk's visit to Istanbul and stay in their eyes to life is of great importance here because of the blind. It contains a combination of historical texture of the palace, one of the places to be seen necessarily local and foreign tourists.

Turkish Bath (Suleymaniye Hamam)
Mimar Sinan built by Suleiman the Magnificent Suleymaniye Hamam Mimar Sinan's "My master work," he called among the works of the flesh. Today that can be used for tourist purposes of attracting more foreign tourists to historical sites to be seen among the baths

Rumeli Fortress
Ottoman-era fortress surrounded by covered during the conquest of Istanbul to take a rope made from Anadolu Fortress Rumeli Fortress located in places today indispensable. Both tourists should go to see the structure but also the date for the breakfast is definitely a weekend in Istanbul and one of the living spaces

Anadolu Hisar
Byzantium made in order to prevent aid from the Black Sea is located across from Anadolu Hisar Rumeli full. Today, Istanbul Anadolu Hisar take place resembles a small fishing village with a quiet edge of the Strait, one of the sights and historic building with its tranquil beauty

The Fortress
One of Istanbul's oldest open-air museum of the Yedikule Dungeons other words Fortress nowadays cultural events, concerts and the date of the preparation of various organizations has become a venue. To participate in the organization of such an architecture is designed to attract local and foreign tourists

Beylerbeyi Palace
Located in the district of Uskudar Beylerbeyi Beylerbeyi Palace built by Sultan Abdulaziz historic venue. Palace today, except on Mondays and Thursdays to open its doors to visitors on other days, and many guests are ağarla

Ciragan Palace
Built by Sultan Abdulaziz Ciragan Palace as a term position "Besiktas Palace" was also called. Palace has a great splendor and glory, today the wedding, prom, has become a place where organizations such as the organization of the party. Such a view architecture, the past has been a haunt for various organizations who want to breathe the air, welcomes a lot of local and foreign tourists.

Yildiz Palace
Besiktas, located between Ortaköy and Balmumcu star palace is one of the places that witnessed history. Sultan Mehmet II until the Byzantine period based on the historical texture of the Yıldız Palace is used today as a museum. Abdulhamid's personal belongings on display and tourists are the focus of attention. At the same time in Yıldız Palace Theatre it is located at the Museum and Performing Arts.

Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar is located in the center of Istanbul, it is faced with the historical texture and very popular among tourists because it contains a lot of space in the shopping to do. During the day it is known even half a million people suffered. In particular, a place they return to their country without foreign tourists Bazaar each day to meet all your needs are one of the attractions shops. Bazaar showcasing almost reminiscent of a city that was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet made by the people for their purchase.

Egyptian Bazaar
Istanbul is one of the oldest covered market with export Egyptian Bazaar, famous venue by the sale of nuts and meats. Especially one of the preferred tourist attractions for shopping. Built in 1600 by Sultan Turhan space, it is tempting with the distinction of being open on Sundays. It is located among the places that must be seen in Istanbul.

Coppersmith Bazaar
Coppersmith Bazaar particularly attracted the attention of foreign tourists is located in Beyazit district. Boiler, cooker, which displays objects made from copper sales as well as barbecue and wraps as well as the shops open environment. Faced with intense interest of tourists where the copper works that absolutely must be seen Coppersmith Bazaar, one of the many unknown places.

Tekfur Palace
Tekfur extant Byzantine Empire Palace welcomes visitors in the district today Edirnekapı varying degrees of less. Çözmed archaeological studies conducted on behalf of the mystery of historical events is still continuing. Therefore, one of the interesting and historical buildings worth seeing.

Eyup Sultan Mosque
Today, as a sacred place of worship attributed to the Golden Horn Eyup Sultan Mosque is located in Eyup district. Or from other provinces is a historic mosque they pass by without seeing tourists from abroad. Holy Friday in Istanbul, it is seen that the crowd towards the mosque and worship. To be seen, one of the holy places.

Miniaturk a venue that showcases the work of a model. Topkapi Palace, the Mausoleum, the tomb of Mevlana here to see a variety of works such as models and batches can be about knowledge. Since 2003, tourists will go first from the moment they step into Istanbul and among the places that must be seen.

Khedive Pavilion
The last Khedive of Egypt, Abbas Hilmi Pasha, Khedive Pavilion built by an Italian architect carries out the architectural features and period in 1907. Today can be made of various organizations such as weddings, navigating to that could be a tea break can be seen near the venue

Maiden Tower
Located in a tower open to Sal is located in the Istanbul Strait on a small islet. Various rumors and myths about the causes which made the Maiden Tower is one of the places to be seen that even an attempt to understand the mystery. Today, your wife, you can go with your friend, a romantic dinner or to go for a lunch break outside routine and structure must be seen in a historic venue

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