Istanbul Museum of The Princes' Island

Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture projects, Island Foundation, Adana Municipality and the Islands Governor's collaboration with the Museum Island was implemented fully operational on 10 September 2010. Istanbul's first modern city museum approach, content, presentation, venues, offers a different experience for residential and activities with visitors. Visitors, 9 Istanbul Island prepared by various maps and studies on space photographs welcomes Intro Animation and gives basic information on the urban islands. Island found fossilized in rock and 400 million years ago, this is the place where you live immediately against armored fish known Dunkleosteus replica of the sea. Museum of Nature Gives Lets Adopt Message
The nature of the islands, all the richness, diversity they have throughout history, once lost species, the destruction of nature and consequences when describing the general audience, especially children waiting for surprises. The waters surrounding the islands lost once the species is also in this section. The fish disappear in the near term, crustaceans and plants. Hundreds of sea water with a drop from algae, microscopic creatures carbohydrates, fat and protein wastes consisting of "mucilage" until exhausted Marmara life is discussed. This section is referred to examine it under a microscope video and especially for children. Geology Travel Board
Birds of the islands
The islands of the authors of antiquity and the Pilgrim Note
Shaping the Beginning of Life on the islands
Islands of the first owners
Exile from Country to ...
Connecting and Residential Areas of Istanbul's Princes 'Islands Princes' Islands
Remote popular, summer Gone Country Place Islands
Islands Architecture
Different Population and Migration
Getting to the Islands / Islands Transportation in / Kayak Races Study
Marine Transportation and Water Sports
Islanders Musicians
Islands and Taste
Escape Place and the newly discovered islands
The museum accessible from every point Databases
Islands in the history, present and touch screens that allows access to information on maps of the future, the Ottoman archive documents, Architectural Heritage, Oral History and Museum Islander celebrities database ... Other Departments
• Library
• Archives
• Website
• Events, Workshops, Children's Educational Programs
• Taste Island Tours
• Friends of the Museum Visitor Days and Hours: except Monday 10:00 - 16:00 hours can be visited.

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