Comments About Istanbul Traffic

We edited some comments for you. You can learn about istanbul traffic with this comments.Comments are belonged to people who live in Istanbul.

  • It is one of the world's leading problematic traffic. installing, often with endless road works, the lack of traffic signs, traffic monster hidden in the drive with the harassment from driving and directing people to board the bus traffic is exhausting.
  • incompetent mayors, public institutions working coordinated with each other from time to enjoy the area has historically been a result of the network from father to open the door to each other and to rent a problem for years.
  • events should not be regarded as just traffic. economic dimension caused by the work, pouring trillions into the streets, old cars, deteriorating mental health, "at 5 or, now we're traffic" to enter our Lexicon of words, one year after years of driving of the constructed building to ease the way and made then there are hundreds of side issues like taking care of.
  • I did not believe that any plans made within the program to expand, but recently saw Kadir TVs and listened to the description as one of the projects Whether you're cıkartıcak Where all that money you're going to fix this thing.
  • Some days, that is open in the morning, according to the weather when rain in the evening after work especially well if the cars up and down from the sky, which brought together the whole commotion ...

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