Grand Bazaar in Eminonu

The world's oldest and largest covered market is located in the heart of Istanbul. Like a giant maze measured 60 up the street, the Grand Bazaar with more than three thousand shops, Istanbul's to be seen, it is a unique center. Almost resembling a town, it has grown over time develop this site is covered completely.

Thick walls remaining from the 15 th century, covered in the next century, with the former two structures are surrounded by a series of domes, and covering over the growing street has become a shopping center making amendments. In the past this place where every street and in certain occupations involving them in, the handcrafted manufacturing is kept under strict supervision, business ethics and the market was shown a lot of respect for tradition.

All kinds of precious fabrics, jewelry, weapons, antiques, specializing in by families for generations, was sold in complete confidence. If the end of the last century's great earthquake and fire of a few who repaired the Grand Bazaar in the old, historical features, degenerate has changed.
In the past trades that people's confidence in the savings, and the operation would cause a bank to be like them. Nowadays, many street shops that have undergone a change in function. Yorgancılar, slipper, professional groups, such as street name FESS remained only. Jewelry shops often considered the main street of the bazaar street, sixth street, and here there is a drop-side. Quite small shops that make this different price and bargain sales. The Grand Bazaar and maintains its color, although the former vitality as attractions, shopping opportunities since the 1970s for tourist groups coming to visit Istanbul, is provided by modern and large organizations in the market's main entrance. Spice Market is a covered market in the estuary smaller extent. Another 15th century in the Galata district. small indoor market is also still in use.

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