Adam Mickiewicz Museum

Unfortunate for the people's poet of Poland .... Crushed case at the end of 25 years of life in Europe, in the pursuit of national purposes, arrived in Istanbul. Russia in the Crimean War made with the purpose of which is to improve relations with the Poles working in the Turkish service, it was to strengthen them. During his contacts, established in falling back to the current district of Istanbul's Liberation she visited patients in tents. In a rainy day of year 1855 of cholera it is thought to take it from there, on 26 November, died quietly in his seat Tarlabaşı`N home. Which it spreads all over the world for their homeland Polonyalılar` national poetry with light and power that the poet's death has affected the world for years, the idea realm. Adam Mickiewicz arrived in Istanbul in 1855. This development, it was not to have fun and relax in Boğaziçi`N. In 1848, analyzes the situation in Polonyalılar` who took refuge in the Ottoman State and the Crimean War began in 1853 in Turkey with the aim to strengthen them where they had come to take in the pure Ottoman State. Because the Poles for the Crimean War, was an opportunity. The French, the British, Sardinian, they were supporting Türkler` against Ruslar`. Istanbul's Beyoglu district (Sweet Almond Street) `s on the street corners, 29. There is a building. This three-storey, with two small rooms on each floor, 128 years ago, Polonya`N as the national poet house where Mickiewicz` sit and close your eyes. This house Crimean War in Polonyalılar` "and they collected their fervent speeches, was a center. Adam Mickiewicz and his friends stayed at home, they cook their own meals. Among Polish immigrants who came to Istanbul at the end of the uprising in 1830,
and Polonezköy` establishing Adam Czartoryski, writes TT Jez (Hanru) insert were known as Sobozows in and converted to Islam with Adam Michalowski said. that Sobozows from close friends staying at the poet's house in those days was to attend the Crimean War as a volunteer. The first job as an original worn by the participants in this war, a fur cap on, buy clothes received. The poet Adam Mickiewicz, in his memoirs, the original kalpag of this friend, a long time will tell whether or not the value of anything other than passports. Polonyalılar` the Tarlabaşı`N in at that time was the fire only thing that strange. Because he is frequently fire in Istanbul. One day it will spread to their homes fear of this war passengers to a friend, sleeping underneath the passport is always the kalpag pillow, when a fire breaks out, before they designed them stories that recovery. November 26, 1855 Poet in Pera` day (today Beyoglu) died. This dark room on the edge of the city symbolizes the poet's life is full of a thousand difficulties. 1855-1955 Museum of the great Polish poet Adam opened on the 100th anniversary of the death Mickiewicz`. Also a room dedicated to the poet's symbolic tomb building AnIndAki trapped into the cross and on 26 November to 30 December 1855 - Adam Mickiewicz` the text is placed in a temporary grave commemorative plates with.
Museums; Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum is attached to the Directorate of.
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