Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace, considered as a state guest house of the Ottoman sultans and resort venue that hosted the foreign heads of state or monarchs and transfer of Sultan Abdulaziz (1861-1876) was built on the request. The construction of the palace began on Friday, August 6, 1863 and April 21, 1865, was officially opened with a ceremony held use. The construction of the palace organization Ebniye-i field Serkalfa (Palace of başkalfa) Serkan Bey (the Bale) has conducted. Beylerbeyi Palace responsibility for financial and administrative affairs of the mission could be called if the building Eminliği Mehmed Efendi, Rifat Mahmud Efendi and has conducted master. The Ottoman palace that cost nearly 500 thousand pounds is determined. Beylerbeyi Palace, the main building of the community structures, and a two-story masonry structure on a high basement. Structure built on an area of ​​about 2,500 square rectangle sits on a floor area. The southern part of the palace Mabeyn-i Humayun, while the northern part is designed as the Queen Mother. A total of 6 halls on both floors, 24 rooms, 1 bath and 1 bathroom. Beylerbeyi Palace was built with a mixture of Western and Eastern styles, it carries the Turkish house plan features and Mabeyn Harem sections. A railing is hidden hides all fronts from the top edge of the roof of the building. The plan of the palace vaulted central sofa (hall) has a plan based on the composition of motifs. Scheme in Beylerbeyi Palace consists of three parts. These sections; Mabeyn-i Humayun, Bed Authority (Sultan's Department) and the Department of Sultana. Sultana Department immediately after the head of wives came and brought up in parallel to the sea and built on the basis of prosperity is the Harem section is built separately from the main structure; these structures have not survived. Mabeyn-i Humayun's entrance façade illustrates an embodiment where the neo-baroque emphasis is more pronounced. Such as mass and facade of the palace interior arrangements have also formed an eclectic approach. Some themes within the cartridge frame and the sea and ships in the sea Beylerbeyi Palace, the Sultan Abdulaziz built the Palace because of the passion of the roof is finished; even Sultan Abdulaziz, painters drew patterns including themes of sea and ships to give an idea. Beylerbeyi Palace Beylerbeyi Palace in History, founder of Sultan Abdulaziz (1861-1876) by, was used as a summer palace. The palace of Sultan Abdulaziz and II. With the start to be allocated to them in the reign of Abdulhamid visit the official ruler or head of a foreign state, the state won the guesthouse function. Beylerbeyi Palace hosted the first important guest, the Empress of France is Eugénie. This trip to the Empress, was held at the Sultan Abdul Aziz in 1867 the French authorities return trip. Sultan Abdul Aziz during other foreign guests hosted in Beylerbeyi Palace, the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Joseph (1869), the Prussian Crown Prince Frédéric Guillaume Nicole Charles (1869), Italy Crown Prince (1869), the Shah of Iran did Nasıred (August 18, 1873), Sultan II. Abdulhamid (1876-1909), during the reign of 33 years of Beylerbeyi Palace, especially seen in a museum visited by foreign state protocol functions. Dolmabahce Palace with Beylerbeyi Palace and Topkapi Palace in this period the Treasury-i Humayun, was used as the reign of the museum can be visited on condition that permission from the Sultan. Sultan Abdulhamid II. Immediately after Abdulhamid downloaded from the throne, at the Presidential Palace Thessaloniki Alata subjected to compulsory residence, but was transferred to Istanbul for about 3 years after the cause of the outbreak of the Balkan War. II. Abdulhamid selected for the new compulsory residence, was Beylerbeyi Palace. Former Hakan, has spent the last six years of his life in the palace, and again on 10 February 1918 closes his eyes to life in the palace. During the Republican Era Palace Beylerbeyi Palace of the Republic it has also hosted the foreign state guests. Iranian Shah Pahlavi came to Turkey in 1934, President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was hosted by the palace. Balkan Games Festival was held in 1936 in Beylerbeyi Palace. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has spent that night in the historic Palace of the Governor of the bedroom. ADDITIONAL BUILDINGS AND GARDEN SET Sea Pavilion Sea mansions Mabeyn someone other Sultana in (harem) sole is made in pairs; The garden pavilion has the appearance of a bower. The new pavilion of the palace, which is one of the most interesting design examples, documents, tented lodge, bed-linen (new design, new models) have been identified with names such as kiosk pointing to the design originality. Octagonal cover of the mansion is decorated with pictures made from various animal figures. Set Beylerbeyi Palace Gardens, it is important to work with a position in the landscape and is one of the outstanding examples of concepts seaside palace. Beylerbeyi Palace in the Uskudar district on the Asian side of the Istanbul Strait, is in a large garden. Beylerbeyi Palace garden, palace garden with the surrounding architectural layout; further extending rearward sets and set behind the garden is rich with woodland views of the woods. Marble (Serdab) pavilion Marble pavilion, Sultan II. Mahmud (1808-1839) is one of today's era mansion that reached; Serdab Pavilion, also known as Mahmoud pavilion that also lodge an alias is learned from sources of the period. It was given this name because of the marble-covered facade. Pool behind took its name because it is in Serdab imbedded in the fourth set. The fourth set of the Yellow Pavilion Beylerbeyi Palace garden on the Yellow Pavilion, it found it may have been used for the purpose of considering the rest together. The palace is on land in the northeast of the fourth set. The barn has a little ahead of the Marble Mansion House Pavilion is located on the end of the Great Wall of garden. There are features reflecting the view of the horse in the Ottoman culture. Login section of the ceiling horses and other animal figures are available. Left-right portion of the barn consists of 20 chapters. Chandeliers and other elements at the head and eyes themed reliefs are available. Visits Days and Hours: Monday and every day except Thursdays 09: 00-16: 30 (winter time application), 09: 00-17: 00 (Daylight Saving Time) is open to visitors during the hours.
Price: Adult: $ 10 - Students $ 5
Only the garden entrance fee: $ 1
Beylerbeyi Palace; On January 1, it is closed to visitors on 1st day of Ramadan and Eid.

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