500th Year Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews

Turkey has the distinction of being the first and only museum in this area 500 years Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews, since 1985, no longer exist in the actual service Zülfaris Synagogue building was inaugurated on 25 November 2001. The name of the street, the old town is read as Zülfaris map. These words, "Come fringe of" Ottoman meaning "zülfü-Arus" stands in the language of the people. Original name "Kal Kadosh Galata" synagogue, which was referred to by that name among the people.
Presence known in 1671, probably on the basis of the rest of the Genoese, which was rebuilt at the beginning of the 19th century and until 1985, this building serves as a synagogue, "500. Anniversary Events "frame has been restored and converted into a museum by the 500th Year Foundation.
Three times on board the museum's entrance courtyard, World War I, the Ottoman Army and the War of homeland defense for the sake of their lives sacrificing standing Turkish Jews commemorate the soldiers during sculptor Nadia Arditti's "Rising Fire" works decorate the. Once upon a time, brides, father of co-arm Taking the main hall on the first floor in the arm they reached the stairs; Turkish Jews historical, religious objects and interaction in social life, participation in different spheres of social life, the first printing press in the Ottoman Empire, the history of Turkish-Jewish Press, waive the Lausanne Treaty, Article 42, invited the great leader our country in the years to 1933 by Ataturk escape is and from Nazi domination continued our universities to the academic life of German and Austrian scientists rescued from the death of hundreds of Jews in the cities under Nazi occupation they worked during the Second World War, "the Turkish Schindler" to Turkish diplomats, honor corners and many details; objects, panels, are available with charts and maps.
In light coinciding with the main dome of the octagonal projection Zülfaris some excerpts from the history and important events that took place in the synagogue is on display. Synagogue in the period in which it functions at the top gallery devoted to the worship of women, the right wing in human landscapes, (men, women, couples, children, families and picnics) On the left side of the 400th and 500th anniversary celebrations, the Ashkenazi community presentation, each with a separate sign the document Haydarpasa Hemdat Israel Synagogue and Manisa Şinasi Moris is given to the board on display at the Children's Hospital of the story.
On the ground floor hall, organized as ethnography section, postpartum-birth and circumcision, dowry, the wedding composition, as well as 1860 to 1960 between chronological order bride and groom photo of renewing nostalgic memories of a time warp function, different clothes, wedding dresses, talismans, Examples of jewelry and similar matters are also included in this section ...

Leaving the museum, in the right panel in the wall of the gates; Ataturk, Ismet Inonu, Turgut Ozal and Suleyman Demirel, Mesut Yilmaz, Turkey may read summaries of statements about Jews.

Visits Days and Hours: Monday - Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00, Friday and Sunday 10.00 - is open from 14.00. It is closed on Saturdays and on some special occasions.
It's free.

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