Galata Tower

The tower was built in 1349 as the scales of the walls surrounding the Genoese Galata. There are several rumors about the construction. Initially called the Jesus tower tower was used as a prison during the Ottoman Empire and the observatory. The building was restored after the fire and frequent storms, was finally restored in 1964 and opened in 1967, re-use. Galata district, again to be discovered every day is like a history book waiting to be confused more often the leaves.

Golden Horn in Istanbul's historic, unique views of the Bosphorus and the Asian side of the entrance to the Galata Tower is seen from the most spectacular way. After the harbor and used for centuries in different purpose tower established with the aim to observe the city, like the original that today sees the job of watching the landscape. The top two floors of the tower by an elevator and the restaurant was organized as a nightclub. From here and not get tired of the view from the panoramic terrace of Istanbul. Here in a unique atmosphere and beautiful scenery, belly dancer, folklore teams, experienced singers with colorful Istanbul nights.

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